Registration Open for Chautauqua Lake Cleanup

Chautauqua Lake Cleanup is scheduled for Sat. May 20.  Volunteer check-in and check-out will occur at the Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association in Celoron, NY.  Preregistration is required.  Click HERE to register now!

This is the third Annual Chautauqua Lake Cleanup.  Come join us in cleaning up the Lake.  Volunteer check-in will begin at 8 am.  The cleanup will run from Approximately 8 am thru 3 pm.  Coffee and doughnuts will be provided in the am and a hot dog lunch will be provided at 1 pm by the Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association.

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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Meeting

A message from the Chaut. Co. Watershed Coordinator, Jeff Diers:

This message was sent out to Chautauqua Lake stakeholders several weeks ago.  To ensure that everyone is aware of this important meeting I am re-sending the Public Notice information.  The public notice is attached as a word document, as well as printed at the bottom of this email.

This email and associated content should be distributed, by you, to your various boards, committees, members, and contacts.  The  legal notice has been posted in the local papers as required by law.  In addition to these efforts, the Post Journal should be running an article regarding this important meeting over the weekend.

These documents may also be viewed at:  and

I thank you in advance for distributing this information to your various stakeholders.


 Jeff Diers, MS.
Watershed Coordinator
Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Economic Development
200 Harrison Street
Jamestown, NY 14701

 SAV Management Plan Scoping Document

Public Notice


This notice has been prepared and is provided in accordance with article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law. The County of Chautauqua (County), as Lead Agency, pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act is evaluating a proposed project (Action), which as described below, consists of the development and implementation of a Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (SAVMP) for Chautauqua Lake.

The development and implementation of the SAVMP will be a multi-phased project that will consist of (1) identifying the problems to be addressed through a SAVMP for Chautauqua Lake; (2) collecting technical baseline information to define the existing condition of the water quality and biological resources; (3) mapping the watershed and the littoral zone and collecting data through a bathymetric survey; (4) completing a beneficial use study; (5) mapping and identifying submergent and emergent aquatic plants; (6) identifying possible management alternatives and assessing feasibility; (7) developing an implementation plan with monitoring controls; and (8) completing community outreach activities including organizing and holding public meetings throughout the process to collect information and community opinions.

The County, as Lead Agency has determined that the Action may have a significant adverse impact upon the environment and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be prepared. The County has also determined that a Draft Scoping document should be prepared prior to the EIS. Copies of the Draft Scope are currently available at the County of Chautauqua Department of Planning and Economic Development office in Jamestown New York and on-line at:

A public meeting to collect comments on the Draft Scope will be held on December 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm at the Hewes BOCES Center at 2615 North Maple Street (Route 394), Ashville, New York 14710. Written public comments will be accepted until January 12, 2013.

Lead Agency: County of Chautauqua, 3 North Erie Street, Mayville, New York 14757

For more information contact:

Mark Geise, Deputy Director

Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development

200 Harrison Street

Jamestown, New York 14701

Phone: 716-661-8912

New Invasive Aquatic Plant Found in Chautauqua Lake





 Water Chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant species, has been discovered in Chautauqua Lake. This aquatic plant can spread rapidly throughout the lake and must be contained to prevent it from crowding out native plants and limiting boating, fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities.

Water Chestnut Plant

If you see this plant, call our Watershed Hotline at (716) 363-4499, (716) 753-4499, or (716) 661-7499 to report your sighting. Please be sure to leave your name, phone number, and the location of the sighting.

 Don’t remove this plant! Experts need to analyze where it is and properly remove it.

To learn more about this aquatic plant, go tot the USDA Invansive Species Center:  HERE

Chautauqua Lake Watershed Management Plan

The Chautauqua County NY Department of Planning and Economic Development, in partnership with the Chautauqua Lake Management Commission, oversaw development of a watershed management plan for the lake. The plan, completed in September of 2010, characterizes historic and current conditions related to the flow of water, sediment, and nutrients from the watershed to the lake. It makes numerous recommendations for ways that landowners, visitors, and municipalities can reduce the flow of those materials from the watershed in the long-term. Though the Plan was written for Chautauqua Lake, many of the recommendations are applicable throughout the Conewango Creek watershed.

To see the Chautauqua Lake Watershed Management Plan click HERE.