CCWA Photo Contest 2016

Photo Contest Judging Underway– Stay Tuned here for Announcement of Winners!

CCWA Photo Contest — Back by Popular Demand! 

New End Date of September 17, 2016

Because the 2015 photo contest was such a hit, the Conewango Creek Watershed Association is once again, hosting a Photo Contest for 2016. The rules are simpler and more streamlined.  Plus there are several new categories to spur your photographic creativity and imagination.

Instead of a calendar, all winners (up to third place) will have an opportunity to print, mat, and frame their photo to be displayed at local businesses later in 2016 (late fall, most likely).  Three area businesses will be displaying these winning photos for  2 weeks each and hosting an open house night to showcase the contest winners (through third place).  It is a great way to get photographers recognized publicly and gain some exposure (pun intended).  Those businesses are Evergreen Outfitters in Mayville, NY; VSK Emporium in Frewsburg, NY; and Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, PA.


ALL Photos entered must be taken within the Conewango Creek Watershed, which encompasses all of Conewango Creek to where it meets the Allegheny River in Warren County, and nearly all of Chautauqua County, including Chautauqua Lake itself, plus parts of Cattaraugus County where the Creek and/or its tributaries run.  For a rough map of the watershed Click HERE.


The photographer will choose and state which category they are entering each photo.

There will be FIVE Categories of photos:

  • People

  • Landscape

  • Wildlife

  • Water Scenes

  • Close Ups (including macros)


  • The 2016 CCWA Photo Contest BEGINS April 18, 2016 and ENDS at 11:59PM September 17, 2016.
  • Maximum Five (5) photo submissions per person.
  • Minimum photo size must be at least 2 Megabytes (2Mb) (higher resolutions are better for printing/enlarging), so consider that when you submit your photo.  If you want a chance at winning, your photo must be of high enough resolution to look good for not only the judges, but also for printing/enlarging and displaying. Photos under 2Mb will not be considered and participants will not be notified.  Cell phone photos are acceptable if they are of adequate resolution or quality–as determined by the judges.  Some older phones do not have the capacity to take high resolution photos (for example, flip-phones).  New phones may still need to have the resolution adjusted to obtain adequate quality.
  • All persons submitting photos agree that their photos become the property of the CCWA and that the CCWA can use their photos for promotion, marketing, and related materials without recompense.
    • “By submitting this entry you are stating that you are the owner of the attached photograph(s) and that you give CCWA permission to use your photo without restrictions now or in the future.”
  • Judging will take place after the photo contest ends. All judges decisions will be final.
  • Photo submissions must be electronic and will be made to
  • Photos must be taken within the Conewango Creek Watershed. For a rough map outline, click HERE.
  • All photos must be accompanied by the following additional information, or they will NOT be considered for the contest (we will not hunt you down for missing information):
    • full legal name of photo owner,
    • complete address,
    • phone number,
    • email,
    • date photo taken,
    • place where photo was taken, and
    • category you wish to enter photo in
  • Judges will select the top three photos in each category (15 total). Those top fifteen photos will then be eligible for display at upcoming promotional events in partnership between the CCWA and local businesses and organizations.  Again, all judges’ decisions are FINAL.
  • The photo winners have the option, AT THEIR EXPENSE, to enlarge, print, mount, mat, and frame their photo for display at the selected venues as a way to showcase their photographic skill and promote their artwork. The MAXIMUM SIZE for displaying your photo is an 8 x 10 photo, matted and mounted into an 11 x 14 frame.  There is NO CHARGE to have the work displayed at the venues, but the photographer is responsible for the costs associated with making the photo display-ready.  It is the photographer’s responsibility to get the framed photo to CCWA.  CCWA will be responsible for moving the winning photos to the various shows.

For questions or more information, please email us at or, or call our office at 814-726-1441.

Thank you for your great photos!!!  We received many positive comments about the photos from last year’s contest.  We are really looking forward to seeing this year’s submissions!!



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