Chautauqua Lake Cleanup Report

Chautauqua Lake Cleanup 2017

The Chautauqua Lake Cleanup was held on Saturday, May 21 from 8 am to 2:30pm.  There were 43 volunteers who collected 61 tires, 20 cubic yards of trash and 1040 pounds mixed metals.  This third annual cleanup was co-hosted by Conewango Creek Watershed Association (CCWA), Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy, Chautauqua Co. Soil and Water Conservation District and Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance.  The Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association provided their property as the main staging area.  They also provided coffee, doughnuts and a hot dog and hamburger lunch to the volunteers as a small thank you for their efforts.  All the hosts want to thank the volunteers and sponsors for supporting this effort.

Platinum Sponsors were Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA), Rock of WNY, and the Main Landing Restaurant.  The CLA participated for the first time this year and provided 2 barges, 2 dump trucks, the weed harvester and staff to operate the equipment.   The barges and trucks helped us get a lot of stuff out of the Lake and transport it to our staging area at the Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association.  Rock which participated for the second time, provided their barge with the crane.  It was instrumental in getting some very large and heavy stuff out of the lake.

Other sponsors were Gold Sponsors:  Evergreen Outfitters, United Refining Co, and Conewango Township. Bestway Container Solutions, Silver Sponsors included:  Great Lakes Tree Services, Inc, Cochran & Zandi Lumber, Inc, and Stiffler & McGraw.   Bronze Sponsors included:  Superior Tire and Rubber Co, Donald E Lewis Funeral Home, Whirly Drink Works, Betts Industries, Warren Industrial Solutions and Voty Insurance Agency.

Sue Nielsen, board member for CCWA stated “We got some very productive volunteers both on-land and on-water.  But we needed more people on the water.  We had plenty of canoes.   We were working in areas where the bigger boats couldn’t go so we had to collect the trash and move it out to an area where the barges could pick up the trash and tires. We needed more hands to help.  We got a lot of tires and trash, but there’s still a lot out there.”

“Of course, we need to thank Chautauqua County for registering our event as an Earth Day event and disposing of the trash and tires at no cost to us.  That is a critical element to any cleanup, the cost of disposal,” said Elizabeth Dropp, also a board member of CCWA.

On-land volunteers cleaned Celoron/ Lucille Ball Park, McCrea Point Park, the ball fields just off Jones and Gifford road as well as along Jones and Gifford Road itself. See photos below.

ROCK of WNY Supplied a barge and operator for the day

8th Annual River Cleanups: Registration NOW OPEN

8th Annual River Cleanups:


It’s that time of year again to register for the 8th Annual Allegheny River and Conewango Creek Cleanup!

The cleanup schedule is Saturday September 10 through Saturday September 17, 2016.  Volunteers are needed on land, on water, and in various capacities.  Volunteers are needed to register people, log people on/off the water, document trash found, drive trucks, haul trailers, unload & sort trash, paddle a canoe to pick up trash, walk the shorelines to pick up trash, shuttle people and boats, and many other duties.  

For a complete schedule and to register go to  Please note: waivers are required and may be downloaded from that website too.  

We are also seeking new organizers and planners for next year’s cleanup.  That’s right, as soon as this cleanup is finished, we move into planning for next year.  If you have always wanted to make a difference and put your planning and organizing skills to work for an excellent cause, our cleanup committee NEEDS YOU!  Please call the office at 814-726-1441 or send an email to to share your ideas about how you can help.  

Warren Gives May 18th, 2016!

Fourth Annual Online Giving Campaign!

The Community Foundation of Warren County (CFWC) started an online giving campaign in 2013.  It was a big success in 2013 and has grown since then.  CFWC wanted to find a way to help the many, small but vital non-profits in Warren County.  Taking a page from some other cities that have held similar events, they started “Warren Gives.”  This is a one day online donation website to make it easy, fast and secure for donors to support all their favorite organizations.warrengiveslogo_print_2016-300x139

This year the date is Wed. May 18th, from 6 am to 10 pm EST.  Just to go on and donate.  You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone.  You must use a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card to donate.  Minimum donation to any single organization is $10, but you can donate as much as you like and to as many organizations as you like.  You can donate to multiple groups in just a few minutes.

Conewango Creek Watershed Association’s goal is to raise $3000 this year through Warren Gives.  Spread the word to all your family, friends and neighbors! We’ll keep you posted on how we are doing as the day progresses.

There are $35,000 in matching funds making this a great opportunity.  Every organization will get a share of the match pool dollars proportional to the percentage of donations received. Match dollars make your donation go even farther!

2016 Match Sponsors
Community Foundation
Betts Foundation
Blair Corporation
DeFrees Family Memorial Fund
Northwest Charitable Trust
Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund

All donations and matching funds go to the organization(s) you donated to.  The Community Foundation is assuming all the costs associated with the website, bookkeeping, etc.  That makes it a TRIPLE fantastic deal!  So get this date on your calendar!  You also have the option of having the Community Foundation Warren Gives Website send you reminder emails so you don’t forget.  To sign up for email reminders or to learn more, go to

You can find out more about the Community Foundation at their website:

Need help using the site?  CCWA volunteers will be at the new Conservation District Center at the corner of Conewango Ave and Hatch Run Rd from 2:30 to 6:30 pm to help folks donate by computer, tablet or smart phone.  Anyone is welcome to come in for assistance!

Thank You Community Foundation of Warren County and Match Donors!!!!

Council on Tourism partners with CCWA

Council on Tourism LogoThe Warren County Council on Business and Industry’s (WCCBI) Council on Tourism has partnered with CCWA to promote our Conewango Creek Water Trail Festival.  Executive Director, John Papalia, Jr. is working with the CCWA to coordinate the publicity, line up vendors and help with other arrangements.  “We couldn’t do it without him,” says CCWA director John Gallagher.  “Both of our groups are small, COT and CCWA, but when small groups like this work together we can do great things” added Gallagher.  Festival will be held Saturday June 18th, 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm.  Larimer Park in Russell will be the location for this first-time event.  The purpose of the Festival is to celebrate the Conewango Creek Water Trail being designated as an official Pennsylvania Water Trail by the Pennsylvania Water Trail Partnership and the PA Fish and Boat Commission.  Click on the COT logo to visit the website of the Council on Tourism.

Cummins, Inc. Supports Conewango Creek Cleanup

Thank You Cummins!

Volunteers Paddle Conewango to Remove Trash

Cummins, Inc., on Baker Street Extension, Lakewood has given a cash donation to CCWA for the Conewango Creek Cleanup.  They provided $250.00 to offset the cleanup expenses.  The 2010 Cleanup, which was very successful, was possible due to the generous contributions of many of our local businesses.  

Please Thank Cummins Inc. for their generous support for this worthwhile project!

Additional Cleanup Sponsors-Last but Not Least

We also need to thank:

Media 1 Group provided some radio spots to inform the community about the Cleanup.

City of Warren allowed us to use Point Park at the Confluence of the Conewango and the Allegheny for a staging area.

Please stop by and thank all our sponsors.  We couldn’t have done it without them.

Also Thank These Sponsors

Additional Businesses that made our 2010 Cleanup Possible:

Big Foot Traders, a group of local small businesses, donated $50.00 for expenses.

Wenzel’s Hatch Patch provided sweet corn and other vegetables

The Pine Grove Lion’s Club donated the use of Larimar Park pavilions and also cooked and served lunch to our volunteers.

Ruff Acres donated the use of their van for transferring paddlers.

Cornplanter Council of Boy Scount of America donated the use of 20 canoes with paddles and vests.

B&L Wholesale donated garbage bags and hats.

Warren County Adult Probation supplied 12 volunteers who collected trash.

Allegheny River Cleanup (ARC) Committee supplied various items such as gloves and water bottles.  Donations to the ARC are made by Northwest Bank, PNC Bank, Whirley’s Drinkworks and many others.  For a complete list please see the the website for the Allegheny River Cleanup HERE.

American Rivers supplied us with garbage bags and an online listing for our cleanup.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods supplied snacks and t-shirts.

Thank you supporting the Conewango Creek Cleanup!  We would not have a successful cleanup if not for the very generous and supportive businesses that help us!!  When you visit these businesses, tell them “Thanks!”

More Businesses Support Conewango Cleanup

We want to thank the following businesses for supporting our Cleanup effort:

Jone-Carroll, Inc.(Frewsburg) will being supplying large dumpsters for trash and recyclables.

Tractor Supply Company (Warren) is supplying  gloves and garbage bags.

AJ’s Texas Hots (Jamestown) is supplying hot dogs and buns.

Thorne’s Bi-Lo (Warren) is supplying food items for the lunch.

K-mart (Warren) is supplying a merchandise donation.

Tops Markets (Jamestown) is supplying food items.


Thank you supporting the Conewango Creek Cleanup!  We would not have a successful cleanup if not for the very generous and supportive businesses that help us!!  When you visit these businesses, tell them “Thanks!”

Businesses Step up to Support Creek Cleanup

Ed Shults of Warren

We Pulled Out all Kinds Of Tires!

Ed Shults of Warren has agreed to accept tires for disposal again this year.  Tires are one of the most challenging things from our cleanup to dispose of.  You can’t just send them to the landfill.  As an individual, if you take them to a car dealership, they may have to charge you for disposal.  When you buy new tires, that cost is often included in the cost of those new tires.  But what about people who change their own tires?  And people who inherited old tires from someone else?  They commonly resort to rolling them over a bank somewhere, usually into a stream.  Last year we pulled out 114 tires from the Conewango Creek and Ed Shults of  Warren disposed of them for us.  And we know there are more.

Midtown Motors

Like Ed Shults, Midtown Motors has also agreed to accept tires from both the Conewango Cleanup and the Allegheny River Cleanup.  Dusty Johnson, owner of Midtown Motors, said that it cost them $1 to dispose of each tire.  They are recyled.  They are first shredded and then are used for any of several uses.  This is their first year in supporting the Conewango Creek and Allegheny Cleanups.

Thank you supporting the Conewango Creek Cleanup!  We would not have a successful cleanup if not for the very generous and supportive businesses that help us!!  When you visit these businesses, tell them “Thanks!”